What I always tell a new fish keeper, is to remember that you are not a fish keeper, but rather a water keeper. Keep you water healthy and the water will do the rest. Unlike in nature where water is constantly being replaced, ponds are a closed living entity and should be treated as such. 


Waste from the fish causes Ammonia in your pond that is toxic to your fish. The Bio filter grows bacteria then converts the ammonia into nitrites and then nitrites to nitrates. Nitrates are harmless to freshwater fish and is a great source of food for water plants. It is always best to have clean filtered water free of solids flowing through your bio filter. Some bio filter systems for small ponds have built in mechanical filters before the biological stage. On larger ponds a sand filter is required before the bio filter. 


Most ponds are in direct sunlight and the pond water tends to turn green. Green water is not necessarily “bad” water, it is just not visually pleasing. In most cases a UV sterilizer is used to kill the algae, thus preventing your water from turning green. UV light sizes go according to the size of your pond and the size of your pump. 

Depending on your needs we will advise you on which of the following examples of products you will require. Please note that we use one or more or other items not displayed to design a suitable system for your individual needs.

8watt 5l Gravity Bio Filter.jpg

8W 5L Gravity Bio Filter with UV Sterilizer            

Bio Balls.jpg

Bio Filter Balls   

Pond UV Steriliser.jpg

UV Sterilizers / Clarifiers – Stainless Steel also available

15 Litre Bio Filter Pressure.jpg

15L Pressure  Bio Filter

Replacement Foam Sets.jpg

Foam Sets for Bio Filters

Replacement UV Tubes.jpg

Replacement UV Tubes

Mechanical,Sand Filters.jpg

Mechanical Sand Filters

5 Bag Koi Sand Filrer.jpg

5 Bag Koi Sand Filters

Vortex Chambers.jpg

Vortex Chambers

Filter Brushes.jpg

Vortex Chamber Brushes

Netafim Disk Filters.jpg

Disc Filters