We stock a wide variety of Standard Filtration systems for Domestic, Municipal and Borehole filtration to ensure clean, safe drinking water as well as all the cartidges etc. (See our Spares, Fittings & accessories section).

Municipal & Borehole Filtration:

A Whole house filter system is ideal for municipal and borehole water. Whole house means that the filter system is added to the main inlet pipe into your house which ensures that your geysers, bathrooms and kitchen have filtered water. If you have a calcium problem we can add a small filter which ensures that the calcium cannot damage geysers and appliances.

For borehole water it is best to obtain a water test before choosing the system that suits your water. In many cases we can advise  you without a water test what you may find in the water as specific problems are encountered in specific areas. We can refer you to an accredited laboratory suitable for the type of test required. Once you have the report you can email it through or visit us and we will assess the report free of charge.


Examples of some of our basic systems:


UV Sterilization:

This is an addition to a filter system and is a hassle-free way of keeping your water free of bacteria, viruses and cysts. We stock locally manufactured UV’s to ensure that there are never a shortage of spares. We stock various sizes and types, including the stainless steel type and the UV light tubes are readily available from us.

55watt 20stainless

R/O (Reverse Osmosis) Home Units:

These units are perfect for under counter placement. It is easy to install and connects via your cold water tap in your kitchen. This unit is ideal for making drinking water, water for your ice machine and for cooking. Why buy water when you can make it at home. We stock all the replacement cartridges and spares and fittings.


Ultra Filtration Units:

These units are an effective method of filtering water without removing any essential minerals.


Mineral Pots:

We stock a range of mineral pots. These are affordable and an essential addition to your kitchen or office. It further enhance the taste and mineral content of your drinking water and is ideal for counter tops. It is preferable to use filtered water with them.