Turn your garden into a sanctuary this summer with our range of home and garden products.

Gardena products for your gardening needs.

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Misting units to keep you cool while entertaining or relaxing on your patio or deck. We stock the econo range for smaller areas as well as the pro range for larger areas. The units are simple to install and can connect straight onto a tap using Gardena fittings. Go one step further and add on a small filter to ensure that nozzles are easy to keep clean. You can also add on a pressure pump for an even finer mist. Spares are readily available.

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We stock a wide range of pond pumps for your fish ponds and water features.

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Would you like a pond or in ground water feature but not sure how to do it? We have ready made pond liners available in various standard sizes and our friendly staff will gladly assist you in explaining the process from digging the hole, installing the liner, the pump that’s required as well the correct method to introduce fish into your pond.

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